Cosmetic Surgery is the better known branch of Plastic Surgery and its more commonly search for by the general public.

Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery, as it is best known in its popular term, is the surgery that will change the aspect of certain body part, although has no functional alteration, its form or appearance its not of likeness to the person who posses it. In other words it is a healthy patient who seeks a cosmetic improvement.

There are many different aspects that should be considered when a patient decides to go into a cosmetic surgery. The first and probably the most important is that the changes the patient seeks are realistic and possible to obtain. The second is that the patient is emotionally prepared to go into a cosmetic surgery, and finally that the patient is physically healthy and do not have a disease that could increase the surgical risk. Because of the aforementioned it is concluded that the evaluation and the selection of the patient is one of the most important aspects in obtaining the most favorable results in which will bring happiness to the patient and the surgeon as well.

Expertise is the best teacher for any plastic surgeon when they must make an adequate selection and evaluation of a specific procedure for any patient. This is why upon selecting a plastic surgeon that has been adequately trained, as well as his history of experience should be on top of your list while searching for your plastic surgeon. You as the patient should contemplate when you are ready to make your decision into any cosmetic or aesthetic surgery.

So when you as a patient decide to go into any cosmetic procedure, be sure to seek a well trained and experienced surgeon. All surgical procedure has potential complications on the patient. But the experience and adequate indication of the procedure is the guarantee to minimize the possible risks, and obtain pleasant results.

In our Clinic we offer you adequate training, continued medical education and experience that will drive you safely through the world of the cosmetic surgery.