Gynaecomastia is the growth of mammary gland in men. This may be caused by hormonal changes of the patient, for disorders during development at puberty, for medical treatments where they use hormones that produce breast growth, such as hormone therapy for prostate cancer.

Before the procedure is important a proper medical evaluation to determine what percentage is glandular and what is fat.

Thigh Lift

The thigh lift is a procedure that is used to dry all the excess skin that may occur on the inside of the thighs. It can be done alone or in combination with liposuction. The scar is immersed in the perineal and inguinal groove, so that is not visible when the patient standing. May require different types of incisions depending on the existing excess skin, so a good assessment and subsequent discussion with your doctor about the technique required for each particular patient, will enable you to see potential results.

Botox Treatment

The use of Botox, or Botulinum toxin type A, applied to the facial cosmetics, joined it after many years of using this toxin to the muscle treatment of facial and eye disorders such as blepharospasm and strabismus. For over a decade, joined its cosmetics use for the treatment of facial wrinkles, and its use has been spread to treat conditions such as migraine headaches, sweating hands, armpits and feet, among others.


The liposculture is the proceeding of remodeling the body through the technique of liposuction. There are 3 basic forms of liposuction or liposculpture: The traditional liposuction, ultrasonic external liposuction and the ultrasonic internal lipoplasty. The indication of each type of pattern depends on the volume that is required to withdraw, the quality of patient's skin and the area to be treated. Preoperative assessment is important to define what type of procedure is right for you.

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